Kitchen Design For Small Kitchen

Kitchen design for small kitchen
If you want a semi-open kitchen and looks very simple and practical, it should not need much furniture. Refrigerators should be placed in the dining room. The kitchen should be equipped with a cabinet under the shades of minimalist wardrobe doors are colored with matching interior shades in a room in the house.

If the kitchen is located at the rear of the house its better to be designed as a semi open with a simple minimalist interior style. To be practical and efficient place, type of kitchen set that's used is the type of single line.

To maximize the storage area in each field kitchen wall,type of kitchen set that's used is the type of the letter "U". However, in areas that are opening the window wall just used down cabinet in order to sunlight can enter freely.

If you want a simple minimalist kitchen that feels spacious and impressive neat and clean, type of kitchen set that's used is the type of configuration with the letter "L".

Especially if it is located near the back yard with a small and a beautiful garden, fresh atmosphere in the kitchen can be felt because of openings towards the backyard garden. With a semi-open space concept, this tiny kitchen interior atmosphere will feel so at one with nature with lush green foliage fresh in the back garden.

If your kitchen in one location with dining room, the type of kitchen set that is used should be the type of single line with cabinet below. Therefore, the bottom of the table is also used as storage for kitchen supplies. Wooden shelves are used to replace the cabinet so the room feels spacious.

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House Interior Design Ideas

 House interior design ideas  for small house.Size limited space owned by a small house, so that the space feels spacious and roomy the structuring principles of functional and efficient space should be applicable in the house. Unlike the case with a house with a large room, room of a broad variety of interior design ideas can be applied.

Utilize every inch of the space to a specific function and try to not wasting every  inch of space is a structuring principle of a functional and efficient space. When arranging the interior in a small house there are several things that need to be noticed.

- In order to produce an efficient spatial planning, the furniture that will be used should be shaped geometry.
- Devise an efficient circulation path by placing dots circulation especially in one line door so not much space is needed for the transition area.
- Take advantage of the remaining space for storage area.
The comfort of a residential space can not be achieved by relying on the functional aspect alone. Aspects related to the aesthetic beauty of being an integral part.

Consistency can be achieved by setting the theme of interior style to suit the needs and tastes of the occupants. In this regard, various tiny space limitations still need to be taken into consideration so that the beauty of the space can be achieved without losing its primary function.

The interior is minimalist simple can be a solution for many problems that are often found in the interior of a small house. This interior style can give an impression of space in the room so it is properly used in interior spaces that have a small limited area.

Layout space efficient is one of the principles of interior design simple minimalist. Similarly, the selection and arrangement the furniture that is functional and practical. Meanwhile, the interior visual display can be set to watch the selection of furniture, partitions, and other interior elements. Shapes, colors, materials and finishing interior elements should be selected with reference to the principle of simple, practical, not many intricate ornament, and easy to maintain.

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